Monday, August 31, 2009

Flea Market finds/Sept. Class schedule

Greetings everyone,
I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I spent the entire weekend in found object bliss. On Saturday I went to a great place in San Francisco called Scraps. Its a scroungers creative reuse center and sheer heaven! The center takes in all kind of donations of "stuff" and they resell it at very affordable prices. Its a great place for teachers to buy for the classroom. On my way there I garage sailed all the way up the coast. On Sunday it was time for a visit to the Alemany Flea Market also in San Francisco. Here are some of my finds:

And that's just some of the stuff I found! Ok I'll admit that I did get a little carried away. And I'd do it again in a minute!

I also wanted to post my September class schedule. Here are all the particulars:

Saturday Sept. 5th Black Gesso Where: Scrapbook U in Fremont Description: In this third Gesso class we will experiment with black Gesso and pair it with collage. Not only can you make designs in Black Gesso, it is also the perfect ground on which to apply iridescent and interference colors. Please bring scissors and a variety of paint brushes. All other materials will be supplied. Come and Play! Time: 11:00am to 2:00pm Fee: $40.00 To sign up for this class please call Scrapbook U at: 510 490-5065 Please see class samples attached above Saturday Sept. 12th Rubber Stamped Dominos Where: Scrap-it in Santa Cruz Description: Did you know that you can rubberstamp on a Domino? Well you can and in this class you will learn two different methods of rubber stamping and coloring dominos. These dominos can then be made into fantastic Jewelry, art pieces or gift items. All materials are provided for this class so come and play! Time: 11:00am to 2:00pm Fee:$30.00 To sign up for this class please email me at or call Scrap-it at 831 475-2380 Sunday Sept. 13th Finish your Dominos Where: Scrapbook Depot in San Carlos Description: Do you have a ton of Dominos that are just laying around? Would you like to learn some ways to make great gifts out of your wonderful creations? In this class we will learn to Drill holes with a dremel and add free form wire work and beads. We will also learn to make ribbon necklaces using your dominos. Please bring your unfinished Dominos. These Dominos should be varnished and ready to go. I will bring some stamps so that you can stamp more dominos and finish them at home as well. Come and Play! Time: 12:30 to 3:30pm Fee:$35.00 To sign up for this class please call Scrapbook Depot at 650 592-2767 Saturday Sept. 19th Designs in Gesso Where: ArtMax in Seaside Description: Further exploring the use of Gesso as texture we will create a small canvas with Gesso and collage. We will stamp into, stencil with and draw freehand in gesso. Will you choose to color your Gesso or leave it white? Please bring scissors and a variety of Paintbrushes. Come and Explore! Time: 11:00am to 2:00pm Fee:$40.00 To sign up for this class please email me at Sunday September 20th Black Gesso Where: Scrapbook Territory in Berkeley Description: please see above Time: 11:00 to 2:00pm Fee: $40.00 To sign up for this class please call Scrapbook Territory at 510 559-9929 Please see samples attached above. Saturday September 26th Pumice Gel Where: La Di Da café in Half Moon Bay Description: coming soon Time: 6:00 pm to 9:00pm Fee: $35.00 Class samples coming soon If you wish to sign up for this class please email me at

I hope to see you all soon!


HeArt Collective said...

hey connie!
i am so glad to see you enjoyed yourself! ;)
i sure do miss you!

Connie said...

Hi Julie!
I miss you too! I have been reading your blog about Stacy and I am relieved that she is doing well.
Hey come to the flea market next time and I'll spend your money too. I'm very good at it!

Hugs and more hugs,