Monday, November 16, 2015

Colony of Coastside Artists Open Studios this weekend!!!

I am pleased to invite you to the Colony of Coastside Artists annual Open Studios!

 CoCa Open Studios is being held this Weekend –November 21- 22 from 10am to 5pm. This year there are over 40 local artists participating in 23 different locations from Half Moon Bay to Montara.  For a complete list of all the studio locations and their creative offerings please go to the CoCa website at You can print up a map to all the locations from the website or pick up a brochure at any studio.

The best thing about Open Studios is the chance to talk directly to the artists about their work.  You have the opportunity to find out what goes into creating any particular work of art, the meaning of the piece or a little about the creative process.

Open Studios if free to anyone and everyone that wants to come.  There is no entry fee.

Open Studios is a great way to shop for the Holidays!  Coca open studios offers a huge variety of unique items and original art not to be found elsewhere.

Each studio will also be offering a variety of refreshments so you can nibble while you shop and talk to the artists.

New this year at the Coca Open Studios is the chance to win one of more than $1,800 in original art! All you need to do is to pick up a passport at any studio location. Get your passport stamped at 8 different studios and your name will be entered into our prize drawing.

On a personal note I will be offering my work with 4 other wonderful artists at 238 Palma street in El Granada.  Here are the artists and their offerings:
Patt Sheldon: fiber art and jewelry
Deanna Adams: sunlight catchers and jewelry
Karina Marwan: stained glass creations
Kathleen Smith: hand painted silk pillows
Connie Andrews: Textural collage and found object assemblage

Open Studios is like a mini vacation.  Come to the beautiful California coast, shop, eat, visit the sights and forget the daily grind. You don’t even need a map-just follow the yellow signs!

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Time for A Gathering of Women Artists!

Its time once again for A Gathering of Woman Artists!  I am delighted to be back at the Gathering this fall.  This is a great local show that brings together woman artists across all artistic mediums. Its been a huge personal honor for me to be included in the Gathering and I can't wait to reconnect with these wonderful women.
Care to do a little early Christmas Shopping?  Then this is the place! Why not stop by have a little food, a little drink and peruse this year's artistic offerings.  The great thing about this venue is that you have the ability to chat one on one with each artist. 

Why not stop by?  we'd love to see you!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Pumpkin Festival Here I come!

Yes I know I have not posted for awhile.  So much has happened since I posted last.  Let me sum up!
Did well at SVOS open studios and I hope to participate again next year.  After Open Studios I became inconsolably depressed at the loss of my 17 year old dog Grendel.  So of course the solution was Bella.
I adopted a 6 year old Mcnab mix from Copper's dream.  The last 3 months have been wonderful getting to know this sweet and very smart dog.  Bella has a couple of issues like many rescue dogs. But Bella and I are working on those and together we are both moving forward with our lives. But more on Bella later.

Right now I'm on the final countdown to the Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Festival.( this Saturday and Sunday the 17th and 18th.)   Once again Maureen Barton has asked me to join her in front of her Children's Pediatric Clinic at the north end of town.(Before the bridge)  Maureen and I always have a great time at the festival and I feel honored that she has asked me to participate with her again this year. So without further ado I thought that I would do a little preview of my offering for this year.

Two "See Saws.

 Antique Door Hardware Pieces

My new "Watching Time" series.

A "Measuring Glance" made with an antique measuring scoop.

Two New "Eye Openers" made from antique bottle openers.

Some new Christmas "Eye"naments.

And last but not least this lovely creature:

There will also be the usual Glass Glitter Skulls, "see shells, collage and shrink art jewelry with a new Zombie design. Maureen will be offering her incredible textural Collage designs this year.
If any of this year's offerings look intriguing come on by and take a closer look. Again Maureen and I will be at the north end of town before the bridge out in front of her Children"s Pediatric clinic.  Why not come by and say hello?
See you this weekend!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Silicon Valley Open Studios is coming to the coast!

Silicon Valley Open Studios was a roaring Success the first weekend and oh so much fun!  Above you can see part of my display in the fireplace where else?  Here is another view: 

And another-Patt just couldn't resist photo bombing Deb's booth!

I myself successfully resisted the temptation to start a booth photo bombing trend for the weekend.  

The bad part of course is that SVOS in Redwood City is over but the good part is the Silicon Valley Open Studios is coming to the coast!!!!!!
Yes this weekend-May 16 and 17 - 21 Coastal Artists will participate in SVOS here on the coast for the very first time. 

Here is the address I will be at: 

Patt Sheldon's Studio
238 Palma Street
El Granada,  94018

Artists participating at this Location include: 

Patt Sheldon: Beautiful jewelry and amazing fiber arts!
Marcelle Walliser: Incredible Pottery
Connie Andrews: My usual wild and weird Assemblage and Textural and found object collage. 

Here's a little preview of some of the items I will be selling: 

My insightful "See-Shells" 

Textural Collage with local and Historical scenes.

Visual Assemblages like this "Eye Opener" above using a vintage bottle opener as a base and below "A Separate Vision" which utilizes an Egg Separator.  Yes Kitchen Implements can be fun!

My own "In the Wall" style collage below: " The Thing with Feathers"

Grunge Collage: 

And a strange mix of In The Wall/found object and Memento Mori Art Like this piece below called "The Dying of the Light". 

But This is just a small sampling of what I've been up to-there is much more!

If you want to find out more about SVOS or the artists please go to

With 21 artists participating this weekend our Art crawl will be a blast! Each studio will have food and drink available and you can nosh to your hearts content as you peruse art and talk to the artists directly. 

See you this weekend!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

5 artists for the Silicon Valley Open Studios

Welcome everyone!

I haven't blogged for awhile because I have been massively busy preparing for the Silicon Valley Open Studios this Saturday and Sunday.  And Yes that is my art on the cover!  Sorry I had to blow my own horn just for a minute because having my work on the cover of anything is a great big first for me.
I am especially proud that three Coastal Artists(myself, Ellen Silva and Carl Mehler) were chosen for the cover of their massive brochure.
I love the Open Studios format- It give clients a chance to talk directly to the artists about their work. And you know that I love to talk Art!
I have the honor to be showing the  first weekend in a wonderful studio in Redwood City. I couldn't be more excited about this because this marks the first time that I've shown my art off of the Coast. Here are the pertinent details.


May 2nd & 3rd  11:00am-5:00pm

Follow the yellow signs to:
Emerald Hills
2559 Woodland Place
Redwood City

Assemblage/Collage by Connie Andrews

Oil Paintings, Prints and Greeting Cards by
Barbara Greensweig

Jewelry and weaving wraps, tunics, and scarves by Deborah Jernigan

Fabric & Wearable Art by Andrea Niehuis

Wearable Art, and Jewelry by
Patt Sheldon

For more info:

Monday, April 6, 2015

Welcome Everyone!
Sorry for another very late post.  But better late than never.Right?   Today I have wonderful details from Holy Cross and Cypress Lawn Cemeteries.  If you haven't visited you should.  The statuary is exquisite and a prime example of a completely lost art form. 

Love this detail from a headstone. These two disembodied hands are cool but kind of creepy too. 

Amazing detail from an angels wing. 

Beautifully carved foot

Angelic hands

Amazing Egyptian tomb detail.  Love the Patina!

You can almost smell the roses!

Angelic Cherub detail

Lamb of God.

Angelic Perspective

Sunday, March 1, 2015

The Gift of Filoli

Welcome Everyone,
Its been more than a week since my last Details post-sorry.  Last week a lovely friend of mine gifted me with a trip to The Filoli Estate. This is a favorite haunt of mine.  The house is lovely but its the gardens that are truly phenomenal. Here are a few details that I found there.
Gargoyle detail from a fountain

Stunning huge Camellias out in mass

Beautiful Tulips starting to bloom.

This is the  first time that I noticed that this finial is in the shape of an egg. The fence this finial sits on surrounds the yard that houses the pigeons.

Carved Stone Flower

These gourds were grown in the gardens and are now being used as birdhouses.  Check out the masses of Daffodils in the background.

What can I say?  the spring flowers are stunning!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

The weekly detail log

Welcome everyone!
Since my last weekly details log was late I might as well make this one late as well. Above some good advice found in a neighbors yard!
I'm sure that even a mannequin can enjoy the view!

The usual state of confusion.

Floaty fence-only on the coast!