Sunday, February 15, 2015

The weekly detail log

Welcome everyone!
Since my last weekly details log was late I might as well make this one late as well. Above some good advice found in a neighbors yard!
I'm sure that even a mannequin can enjoy the view!

The usual state of confusion.

Floaty fence-only on the coast!

Friday, February 13, 2015

A little Corner of Heaven

Welcome Everyone,
Today was another truly beautiful day along the California Coast.  Today I stopped and allowed myself to enjoy it.  I decided to be generous to myself for a change-to give myself just a bit of luxury.  I walked down to the Little Red Cafe in my town and ate breakfast.  I know this probably doesn't sound like much but for me its huge.  I don't need to tell you that the last 7 years have been difficult for me. I've lost pretty much everything I spent years working towards-my job, my house,family members,my studio,and now my dogs. Because of the lack of available cash I stopped allowing myself any luxuries.  I figured that because I wasn't pulling in much money that I didn't deserve to treat myself.  I needed to just go home and work- to be a successful artist.  Recently through the 12 step program "The Artists Way" I have started to change my thinking. In the process I have found a little corner of Heaven.  This corner is called The Montara Cafe and Bakery-I just call it the Little Red Cafe. And today I quite literally found a corner all for myself and my inner artist.  Here's our little corner.
This is perfect-it faced out to the ocean, the window was open and a soft breeze was blowing . I was enjoying a wonderful breakfast and watching the world go by in a local friendly eatery-(one of my favorite things). It felt sinful sitting there watching the ocean, eating breakfast instead of  working.  But it also felt so good. It felt right-like finally taking a deep breath. Because of this hour of luxury I am ready to work on a project that I have been dragging my feet on for some time now-I feel that "sense of abundance" that the Artists Way talks about - a sense of renewel. In the months ahead I will continue to fight to give myself these little gifts because as the Artist's Way states " art is born in expansion, in a belief in sufficient supply, it is critical that we pamper ourselves for the sense of abundance it brings to us."
                                                                                                          -Julia Cameron

So I guess my message to anyone reading is : don't deny yourself a little luxury. If you do you may deny yourself of your creativity which can only manifest as a result of the joy. 

The Montara Bakery and Cafe along highway 1 (Cabrillo Hwy) in Montara, Ca. 

 Creativity lives in paradox: serious art is born from serious play
                                                                             -Julia Cameron-The Artists Way

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Welcome Everyone!
A little late with the weekly details post.  I just acquired a mannequin for a new art show display.  Don't you love her real glass eyes?  Wonder what she sees?

How about this great little birdhouse? Found this on a vacant lot.  Hmmm-maybe birds own the land? You got to love the rust and old blue chippy paint.

Dramatic coloring in nature.  Beautiful and stunning!

"I shut my eyes in order to see." 
      Paul Gauguin