Sunday, March 1, 2015

The Gift of Filoli

Welcome Everyone,
Its been more than a week since my last Details post-sorry.  Last week a lovely friend of mine gifted me with a trip to The Filoli Estate. This is a favorite haunt of mine.  The house is lovely but its the gardens that are truly phenomenal. Here are a few details that I found there.
Gargoyle detail from a fountain

Stunning huge Camellias out in mass

Beautiful Tulips starting to bloom.

This is the  first time that I noticed that this finial is in the shape of an egg. The fence this finial sits on surrounds the yard that houses the pigeons.

Carved Stone Flower

These gourds were grown in the gardens and are now being used as birdhouses.  Check out the masses of Daffodils in the background.

What can I say?  the spring flowers are stunning!