Friday, May 10, 2013

The Gathering of Woman Artists!

Come one-Come all !

Its time for the Gathering of Woman Artists.  I am pleased to announce that I have been invited to sell my latest creations at the Gathering and you are invited to join me.

The Gathering was started 13 years ago by Tracy Walsh and Chris Pritchard to promote local woman artists. This event is by invitation only and I was honored and excited to be asked to join such a wonderful group of artists.

Above I have added a little sneak peak of one of my newest creations called Coffee, Tea or Pieces of Me and I will add a couple more below.  I have been hard at work to make some very "different " creations for your perusal.

Life Takes Another Slice

Eye Strain

Here is all the pertinent information for the Gathering and artist's involved.  Come and join us in good companionship, food and Art.

Gathering of Women Artists

Featuring works by:

Tracey Walsh       Stunning still photography & greeting cards
Chris Pritchard  Uniquely handcrafted jewelry & goddess adornments
Niki Pritchard~ Bell    Eccentric jewelry created to support her travels
Connie Mc Clintock    Creatively repurposed charm bracelets
Karin Rankin Lovingly handcrafted knit and sewn scarves & accessories
Diane Centoni  Handmade pottery and baby/adult fleece blankets
Patt Sheldon   Knitted, felted & hand woven clothing and accoutrements
Kristina Lisper Living succulent wreaths, arrangements & wall hangings
Deanna Adams  Shining coast inspired sunlight catchers
Connie Andrews  Textural collage and found object assemblage pieces


Saturday,  May 11th, 2013

10 a.m. - 4 p.m.
565 Fifth Street,  Montara   (at Le Conte)

Tea and snacks will be served. Bring friends and shop for Mama’s Day!
 Call 728-7848 or 728-3950 for more information

See you at the Gathering!