Monday, August 24, 2009

Classes this weekend

Greetings everyone!
I taught two classes this weekend. First was the Texture for Collage Artists class at ArtMax in Seaside California. I saw many wonderful textures created and experimented with on Saturday. My hopes for this class is that it will open a whole new world in collage
for my students that way it has done for me. I want to thank Manager Germain and the wonderful staff at ArtMax for again allowing me in their great shop to present this class. I also want to thank the students that attended this class. I don't know about them but I had a blast!
On Sunday I taught Designs in Gesso at Scrapbook Territory in Berkeley. This was a small group but very creative. You can see two great collage pieces above created in this class. Aren't they wonderful?! Small classes are always fun because I get to play a little too. We collaged, ate chocolate,slopped Gesso and paint all over ourselves and just had fun! I want to thank the students for attending this class as well as the staff at Scrapbook Territory for allowing me to teach in this great shop fllled with many amazing items. I have to admit that I did do a little rubber stamp shopping there as well yesterday-I just couldn't resist!

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