Monday, August 10, 2009

Weird Stuff

Greetings everyone!
Ok I had to blog about this new texture paste from Golden that I have been experimenting with.
It's called Fiber paste and it just weird stuff. You would think that fibers would be smooth. But no if you smooth it down it takes on a gritty surface with a little sparkle to it! It's a ton of fun to make skins with. When you pick up the skins check out the back-they look like plastic but the front looks more like paper. You can stencil with it and stamp into it. If you brush Gesso over it, it mimics paper mache. It takes paint like watercolors. And when you add iridescents and interference colors it really plays up the fiberous texture. It also pairs well with all the beautiful hand made papers you're hoarding! Check out the samples above.
Very weird stuff!

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