Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Collage Challenge

Greetings Everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend. I have to say that I just had a blast! On Saturday I taught my first Collage Challenge class at Art Max in Seaside. All I can say is Wow! The pieces created are stunning. This class went great and I think that everyone had a really good time. I was happy to see three new people in the class as well as some of my regulars. Since I am teaching this class again I will post all the collages next week so stay tuned. I really want to thank all the staff at Art Max. If you haven't visited this store you should. Its just a gem. I only wish there was a store like this available near me. On Sunday I taught Shrink Art # 3. This time we were making fossils. Again the pieces created in this class were wonderful. And all of them were totally different even though we were all using the same instructions. Thank you to Scrapbook Depot in San Carlos for allowing me to teach my classes in the shop. I also want to thank all the students that ventured out this weekend to take a class. You guys are amazing! I have one last class to teach in the Month of March. This is the second Collage challenge class and I just can't wait! Here are all the details: Saturday March 27th Where: LaDiDa cafe in Half Moon Bay Class: Collage Challenge #1 Description: How about a challenge? In this class you will be given an 8 x 10 stretched canvas, collage images and access to past collage instructions, texture mediums, paints and all the extra stuff I usually bring. You will then have 3 hours to create a collage using the techniques of your choice. The goal of this class is threefold: • To help you begin the process of understanding, recognizing and creating your own unique artistic style by incorporating all the techniques you have learned so far. • To prepare you for the challenges and time constraints required for shows and publication. • To practice and gain confidence creating art with the materials at hand. Here’s the kicker guys: you will not know the theme of the collage until the class starts. But trust me most of you will love it. At the end of the class we will have a mini art show and we will all vote on the winner. Better yet the winner gets a prize! So are you up for the challenge and the fun? Of course you are! Come and play! Items to bring: Paint brushes, scissors, and gel medium. Time: 6:00pm to 9:00pm Fee: $40.00 To sign up for the class please email me at If you are home this weekend with nothing to do or just need something different how about challenging yourself with a work of Art? I hope to see you soon!

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