Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Classes this weekend

Greetings everyone!
Thank goodness that sun is out here on the coast even though its still windy and cold. But sun is good. Its also Ghosthunters night. Yahoo! But its also time to remind everyone about my classes this weekend. They range from Shrink Plastice to Faux beeswax collage. I will be teaching Stone Petroglyphs in Santa Cruz on Saturday. Many people will overlook the project in this class because the look is so very subtle. But its also very beautiful. It also happens to be the precurser to the next class "Fossils". In the fossils class we will be tweaking the Petroglyhs technique to produce a totally different look. Here's a sample of the petroglyphs bracelet and earrings that you have the option of making.
This bracelet is seriously beautiful on your wrist. But for anyone not interested in making jewelry you could always make some decorative ornaments for collage, cards or scrapbooks.
Sundays class in Fremont is Faux Beeswax Collage. Yes it is Fake Beeswax made from Soft matte Gel medium and acrylic paints. You can find the receipe for making the" beeswax " in Chris Cozen's book Altered Surfaces. Chris Cozen's example in the book is great but I like to take the beeswax one step further- teehee! I want to stress again that there is no beeswax of any kind in this class. Here's a sample and You will see my favorite at the top of the page.

The cool thing about the fake beeswax is that you can imbed items into it just like beeswax. But unlike beeswax you can add acrylic paint on top of it and it will stick. Also the collage won't melt in high temperatures or sunlight.

Intrigued Yet?

Here are the particulars of both classes:

Saturday March 13th Where: Scrap-it in Santa Cruz Class: Shrink Plastic #2- Stone Petroglyphs Description: Can Shrink Plastic really look like stone? Of course it can. In this class you will learn the art of coloring white shrink Plastic in such a way that makes it look exactly like rock. You will also be introduced to intaglio. Intaglio is the art of embossing directly into the material to make raised designs. You will walk out of the class with a bracelet made out of what looks exactly like ancient stone Petroglyphs. Please bring Scissors all other materials will be provided. Time: 11:00 to 2:00 Fee: $30.00 If you wish to sign up for this class please call Scrap-it at 831 475-2380 or email me at Sunday March 14th Where: Scrapbook U in Fremont Class: Gel Medium Beeswax collage Description: Do you love the look of Beeswax but really don’t want to bother with the mess and heat of having to melt the beeswax? If so this is the class for you. Come learn the recipe from Chris Cozen’s book Altered Surfaces for making simulated beeswax using gel medium and acrylic paints. We will pair this recipe with a small collage and voila!-a Faux Beeswax Collage. Supplies to bring: paintbrushes and scissors. Time: 1:00 to 4:00pm Fee: $40.00 To sign up for this class please call Scrapbook U at 510 490-5065

How about signing up for a class this weekend? Come and play!

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