Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Grendel's Surgery

Hello everyone,
I have to admit to being a basket case all day. My Herding Mix, Grendel had knee surgery today. I hate leaving my dog at the vet! I worry all day long. This surgery was fairly extensive for an 11 year old dog so he is staying over night. So that means I'll worry all night too! The good news is that he has come through his surgery fine with no problems and is resting comfortably. This event has had the effect of really jolting me into the reality that one day soon he won't be with me anymore. It makes me realize that we should all make the most of our time while we can.


Lisa Sloane said...

I'll be sending good thoughts to Grendel. Do you still have the gesso piece you did with his face? I love that piece.

We're going through sick kitty times here as well. The price we pay for loving these guys...

Ammi said...

My thoughts are with you and Grendel. Spoil and enjoy your dog as long as you can. I too have dog, cat and rat sickness going on at the same time. Moa was spayed two days ago. Now I need to have Neo at a friends house, because the dogs can not leave each other alone. They just have to be close and wrestling, now and then. My 11-year old cat, Annie, has problems with her pancreas and one of the rats, Freeway, has a tumor.... his days are counted. As it seems you are not alone worrying for a pet and that is so wonderful, that there are many of us who truly loves our fury friends.