Sunday, March 22, 2009

Classes in Fremont and Berkeley

Greetings Everyone!
Well I had a great weekend and taught two classes. Saturday I taught at Scrapbook U and had a wonderful group of students. Even the owner Monica Martinek was able to take a little time away from her busy shop to play with us! However only one of my students pictures turned out as you can see. I think they need to fire me as a photographer and get a real one! This group created the most amazing rubberstamped dominos. They did some things that seriously I've never thought to do!
Today I taught Nest Fairies at Scrapbook Territory in Berkeley and although I only had one student I had a great time. Here he is pictured with his incredible Nest Fairy. It has beautiful parrot feathers for wings!
I really want to thank all of my students for taking my classes this weekend. Without them I would not be able to realize my dream of being an Artist and instructor. I also want to thank the owners and staff of both Scrapbook U and Scrapbook Territory for allowing me to teach in their store.

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