Monday, February 16, 2009

Let not your heart be troubled

Greetings Everyone!
Well the dreaded news has come at last. The notice that Luna's Memories will definately be closing its doors. For all of you that are depressed and in despair I need to tell you a story that might help. I just received a note from a very nice Artist that bought my assemblage "Let not Your Heart Be Troubled". She is going through a very difficult time right now and is trying to continue to function normally. When she saw the words "Let not your Heart be troubled" on the piece it had very special meaning. So much so that she bought the piece and took it home with her immediately. She said that it reminded her to not despair and Let not her Heart be troubled. This is a very brave woman. I think that we, Luna's family must remember this as well. Let not our hearts be troubled. We will continue. We will find a way to continue our creative family. I know this for certain. I don't know how I know this-I just do.
That said I want to thank Carina from Scrapbook Depot for allowing me to teach at her shop this weekend. She has a wonderful shop and great teaching space. For all of you that have never been there-check it out!
Both of my Rubberstamped Dominos classes were a blast. And I had several new students that I think took home a dominos addiction! Just remember-its not my fault!

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