Monday, June 11, 2012

Went to the San Mateo County Fair!

I haven't been to a county fair since I left Fresno.  That's at least 15 years ago!  An art buddy and good friend of mine graciously invited me to go with her.  Patt has won a first prize for her bracelet entry this year.  It was a well deserved win because this bracelet is exquisite.  Congratulations Patt!
I think we did everything! ate barbecue pork ribs,fudge,Tai Ice Tea, (yes next time I will try the deep fried Oreo!) Looked through all the exhibits. Had a massage and tried out a temperpedic bed. We checked out the Midway:

And of course I had to see the animals!

I really love going to the county fair.  I love everything about it from the tacky stuffed animals to the colorful midway to the exhibits from local entries to the animals. There is something timeless about a fair. Nostalgic.  They seem to hearken back to an earlier era. Or perhaps that's just my farming roots talking.  Whatever it is I suddenly realized that it's important to participate and share you skills and talents with your community. It's a way of giving back to those around you.  So to this end I have made a promise to myself : next year I will enter a piece of artwork.  How about you?


Patt with 2 T's said...

Truly a fun day...and a fattening one too! At least we skipped corn dogs and deep fried anything (only because we were already too full).
Next year--plan on it! But we'll BOTH be looking for our entries.

Maria Ontiveros said...

It's been years since I've entered anything, but I've had scrapbook pages, cards and jam all win prizes.