Friday, June 8, 2012

Art is not returnable-resolution

Greetings Everyone!
I'm sure you remember a post a couple of weeks back about piece of my art that was returned after being purchased from a local venue.  I did come to a resolution about the incident.  One comment from Maria said that a local art gallery allowed her to take home a piece to see if it would work with her decor. I spent about a week thinking about this trying to decide how I felt about it. In the end I was OK with it.  So I sat down with the owners and explained my position.  If they allow the art purchased at the venue to be returned it was a hardship for everyone involved. As we discussed what to do it was finally resolved that If someone was interested in a piece, they could leave a credit card and take it home. When they came back to pick up their credit card they could either bring the piece back if it didn't work or they would be charged at that time for the amount of the artwork.  This seemed to make everyone happy and also was a step to accommodating the buyer as well. If this works then I will certainly adopt this policy in the future at any other venue I might place art.

 Thank you Maria for you timely comment.  It was a great help!

So are you wondering if the picture above was the piece that was returned? No it isn't.  It is however a finished UFO(Unfinished Object).  I started this piece about two years ago as a working sample in my molding paste class. It combines a collage image from Klimt, decorative papers and texture in molding paste.  My idea was to try to keep the Klimt Look by seamlessly  blending the image,decorative papers in the same colors and then texture in molding paste.  I then added some moddish paper flowers and some bling.  I am happy with the look and have 2 more collages planned in this style.  I am currently looking for a frame for this piece since its on canvas board instead of a stretched canvas.  You can see a close up below.
I call her Madonna of the Flowers.

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