Saturday, June 11, 2011

Putting bad Art night to rest/Sizzlin Sunday tomorrow at La Nebbia

Greetings everyone!

I haven't posted this week because I wanted to give those that wanted to a chance to comment on my Bad Art night thoughts. Thank you all of you for weighing in on this subject-I really appreciate it.  You must understand I am not against kindred spirits getting together, experimenting, sharing ideas and having fun.  I'm all for that.  Its the best way to learn  and to move forward in your art.   I only dislike the 'bad " connotation. One person commented that it was only a word.  I respectfully disagree.  Words matter.  They mean something.  And whether you know it or not the word bad in association with the art created affects the artist.  I know this is true because I see this all the time in my classes as I struggle to help my students declare that they are good artists and that their work has worth. A comment was made that it seemed to help the people that come to bad art night.  Seemed?  will these people sell their bad art?  Will they give their bad art to family or friends?  Its not the bad art that is helping them it the experimentation and the exchange of ideas. As long as these people think of the products of their experimentation as not mattering because they only created this at bad art night then how can they gain the confidence in themselves as artists.  As an art teacher of almost 10 years the most important thing to me is that my students gain the confidence and knowledge to walk up to me and say " I am an artist and my work is good.  I am an artist and my work has worth. " 
And Michelle I too wish that you lived closer so that you could take my classes.

But enough for now about Bad art.  I am pleased to announce that tomorrow will be another Sizzlin Sunday at La Nebbia Winery.  What is Sizzlin Sunday you ask?  Every 2nd and 4th Sunday until the end of September La Nebbia will be hosting wine tasting, live music and some very Good Art from the Colony of Coastside Artists.  There is going to be some fantastic art tomorrow so why not come down and show your support.  You never know what incredible treasure is just waiting for you! Its the perfect place to find that special gift for a loved one.

La Nebbia Winery on your at 12341 San Mateo Rd just off of Highway 92 as you are coming into Half Moon Bay.  It starts at 11:00 tomorrow. 

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