Friday, June 24, 2011

Art Faire this Sunday!

Greetings Everyone! 
This sunday I will be participating in my first Art Faire here on the coast.  The art faire will be at La Nebbia winery off of highway 92 from Noon to 5:00.  I know right now you are saying to yourself " just one more Art faire-so what-big deal. First of all there will be at least 15 different artists from the Colony of Coastside Artists participating.  We will be offering some of the best art on the coast ranging from collage, assemblage,jewelry,watercolors, fiber arts, photography,succulent designs,glass and more.  Second at the winery you can also sample the latest vintages from La Nebbia, stroll the gardens, play bocce ball, eat and shop all while accompied to music  This sunday Stan Erhart will be playing the sounds of blues rock and soul.  So you see there will be something there for everyone!
You've  been working hard all week why not come to La Nebbia? It's the perfect place to relax and enjoy the world around you.

La Nebbia is located at 12341 San mateo Rd off of Highway 92 in Half Moon Bay.  You will find  plenty of parking around the back of the winery!

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