Friday, March 25, 2011

New Book of Drawers!

Greetings! I wanted to share my new Book of Drawers. This is another sample for the class that I will be teaching this weekend. Yes that's a fly in the bottom right hand corner. Many people ask me where I get my ideas. Often this question is difficult to answer. Many of my ideas seem to be bits and parts of different things. However with this book I can tell you that the idea came directly from the title of the book. This by the way is an excellant way to start an altered book if you have no ideas for a theme in mind. The name of this book was Fly on the Wall. Just imagine what a fly on the wall hears and sees! I used a picture that I liked on the front of the book and made the cover look like peeling wall paper. To do this I used corrugated and real embossed wall paper. The ruined wall/peeling wallpaper look completely covers the book from front to back cover.
Above you can see the book with the Drawers open.
Here is a closeup of the drawers. The peeling wall paper is continued inside the drawers as well. "Fly on the wall. Hears all our secrets and sees all."
Huummm something to think about the next time you see a fly on the wall isn't it?

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