Sunday, March 13, 2011

Bunny Boy, Cabbage baby and Bird boy oh my!

Greetings Everyone, I had a small but wonderful class at Scrap-It in Santa Cruz yesterday. I just had to show you some of the cards that my students made. Above you can see the Bird Boy. This card was really fun because the wings, crow and cat were all 3-D items. I particulary loved the cat with the bird in its mouth just watching that crow. Yum!
Look at this lovely cabbage baby. I guess they do come from cabbage patches.
And you've got to love bunny boy and his stuck up queenly sister. I'd laugh at her too!
These last two are my latest installments. Up top is Emily Squash. She is her parent's " little Pumpkin". And of course Aunt Emily and her lovely new Easter bonnet. And to my fellow artist Cindy McCool-Hey Look! Its a chicken.
And that's all folks!

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