Sunday, February 13, 2011

Wow-Look at these Altered Postcards!

Hello Everyone! I hope that your weekend was as much fun as mine. I just had to show you a few of the altered vintage postcards from both my classes this weekend. In the card above this child is apparently afraid of something but it's a secret. I love the composition and placement of the red postage stamps in this piece. They add just the right touch. The strong colors used in the piece compliment this very dramatic child perfectly.
I love the fantasy feel of this card punctuated by the colors used. But with that snow on the mountains I bet this fairy is cold.
This beautiful postcard perfectly captures all the Romance and splendor of Venice.
Well how can you resist this little Transylvanian treat. The colors on this piece really set the mood and oddly make Frank the perfect collage image. Better not go there though, Franky looks a little on the grumpy side.
I love this Rialto postcard. It absolutely screams Romance but almost with a carnival twist. Beautiful.
This postcard with its crackle finish looks like an ancient piece of pottery. Using that crackle stamp was a brilliant idea and really makes this card special.
I love the vintage paper border all around the central image on this card. It makes me feel like I am peering through the lens of a camera to capture a fleeting moment in time. I wonder if this woman got her room with a view?
Look at the brilliant colors in this fantasy Poppy fairy card! Beautiful. But I wonder what this fairy is carrying?
And last but certainly not least this incredible woman dancing for sheer joy besides the riverbank. This piece has a wonderful quiet yet joyful feel. I get both energy and serenity from this card. But if that was me in this card I'd probably end up falling in the water where upon that fish would attack me and eat me.
Well that was the last of my altered vintage postcard classes for awhile. I have seen some incredible work done by the students in this class. I want to thank all the students that continue to take my classes. I hope they have as much fun as I do teaching them. I also want to thank Scrap-it in Santa Cruz for their willingness to host this class and for allowing me to invade their space.
Talk to you later!


Maria Ontiveros said...

Clara did a great job on the flowers and clouds, but she's quite annoyed with her castle! Thanks for letting her participate today. It was good for her to get back to an art class.

Michele said...

gorgeous creations! xo