Sunday, January 30, 2011

Wow! Check out my students work

Hello everyone! I was just reporting in about my Altered Vintage postcard class yesterday. The student work was so astounding that I couldn't wait to show you all. The first card above was done by Jolene. I just love the humour in this card. It kind of makes me want to get up and dance around the Leaning tower in a polka dot shirt too! All that is missing is the guy playing the accordion. Just look at the painting on the tower with that blue sky and clouds all around. Great work.
This is Karen's very romantic post card. Karen has done some very beautiful subtle painting on this piece. I love the blue green patina colors on the metallic border and also on the grass. This would make an awesome Valentine's day card. I love the way the woman's dress mimics the butterflies wings.
This is Maureen's Paris Postcard. Maureen has totally captured that Romantic Parisian mood. The work on the sky and clouds is just yummy. Gee I wish I was going to Paris!
This is Debbie's card. It says Pride and Prejudice all the way. Debbie's painting on the trees and foliage is incredible. And look at that water. You can just see the sun's glinting off of it.
This is Erica's card. It's very Nick Bantock. There's great texture on this piece that my small photographic skills didn't capture very well. But you can see it in the sky. And if I was that guy I'd get down off that rock! If he happens to fall in that position he may be injured for life! Not to mention he might get eaten by the fish!
Well what do you think? Aren't these great pieces?

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Maria Ontiveros said...

Ack! The internet just ate my really long comment. . .but I do love them all. I think Debbie's looks a bit like a self-portrait. This looks like the type of class that Clara would really like.