Friday, January 28, 2011

Altering Vintage Postcards

Hello Everyone, Tomorrow I begin a new class: Altering Vintage Postcards! I am totally addicted to the new techniques we will be using in class tomorrow. Whats different about this class you ask? Well, Instead of using regular acrylic paints we will be experimenting with Acrylic Gouache. To do this we will be using Holbein Acyla 5 color mixing sets. This gouache is opaque like all gouache but also stays "open" longer so that you can spread the paint around and play with it a little more. Since there are only 5 colors in a set you not only get experience with gouache but also in color mixing. I have set up a little exercise for the students tomorrow so that they get experience using the paint and also do a little color mixing before we start on our postcards. I will also be introducing a technique that will be new for many of my students Its called scumbling. In scumbling you put a very thin layer of white gouache over your collage. This soften the outlines on the card so that you can alter the card to your satisfaction by over painting. Once the painting is done you can then add rubber stamping, Victorian scrap and vintage postcards to make the card really special. No kidding guys altering these postcards is a blast. You can then use the postcards to make cards to send to loved ones, book marks or even frame them and hang them up. My class tomorrow is full but if you are interested in taking this class I will be teaching it again on February 12th at Scrap it in Santa Cruz and at C. Andrews studio on Feb 13th. If you wish to sign up for the class you can email me at I have included more samples below. I hope you enjoy them.

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Maria Ontiveros said...

Have a great class tomorrow! Still love the Egypt one and the fish.