Monday, January 24, 2011

Hey I can solder!

Hello Everyone! I had the most wonderful class yesterday given by Ingrid Pomeroy at C.Andrews studio. And I actually soldered! I had soldered once before, two years ago but I am pretty shaky about the whole soldering thing. But with Ingrid's excellent help I actually made it through an intermediate class I probably shouldn't have been in. For this class we made double sided clock glass hangings. They are about 3 1/2 inches around. Ingrid provided the beautiful Madonna and angel images that were the theme of this class. The clock glass is convex so you can place 3D type elements under glass. They remind me of those very ornamental items that the Victorian ladies made. So on my first side I decided that I wanted to reproduce that highly decorated Victorian look complete with silver and gold leaves, pearls and Rhinestones. You can see this side above.
This is my second side and this time I included a simpler collage with an angel image. I love the pastel blue-green paper that Ingrid provided with her supplies and couldn't resist it. After we collaged then it was time to solder. I have to admit I'm not great with hot irons and solder but I did manage to make an ornament that won't fall apart tomorrow.
I really love making these type of ornaments. They just feel like precious treasures to me. They are something that I can keep for years as an heirloom type item and also if I wanted to make another one it would make a very special gift for family or friends.
This was really a fun class. Ingrid brought most of the supplies. All we had to bring was a soldering iron. She even had treats for us! To top it off Susan Morgan from Elegant Cheesecakes ( brought by some strawberry Pistachio cake for us to share-sheer heaven!
Just one more great class at C.Andrews Studio.
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