Wednesday, May 24, 2017

I'm in love with these masks!

Hey all you Steampunks!
Are you going to the Emperor Norton's Ball at A Clockwork Alchemy this year? Instead of just attending a ball why not make it a special one.  How about making it a Masquerade Ball?   Yes I have masks!   Wonderful lace masks decorated to the nines.  Heres's a Preview for all you adventurous Steampunks out there! 
This is the "flutterby"  It features beautiful pear shaped vintage rhinestones, feathers and escaping butterflies.

Be a foxy lady in the "Sly Fox" mask!

Even the count himself would applaud my " Vampire's Kiss" mask,

You'll be quite the siren in my "Mermaid" mask!
So are you intriqued yet?  I hope so because there are more masks where those came from!  Come to A Clockwork Alchemy and try them all on for size,  Add some mystery and magic to the ball this year. 

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