Sunday, May 21, 2017

Calacas go Steampunk!

Hello Everyone!

Yes I had a marvelous stroke of luck-  I got into A Clockwork Alchemy!   This was the second new show I wanted to participate in this year-the first one was of course The Edwardian Ball.  So what is A Clockwork Alchemy you ask?  Its a wonderful  Steampunk Convention held every year in San Jose California.-  that's 4 days of Steampunk!  This includes classes, lectures, panels, music, weaponry ,authors of Steampunk fiction, makers, artists, costumes and of course a vendor's bazaar!
And that's where I'll be.  For this event I have created some new Steampunked Calacas!  You can see the Steampunk Princess above. 
A steampunk Neo-cabaret performer takes a bow!
A Clockwork Queen
A Steampunk couple for all time.
A Space Cowboy!
A Clockwork Alchemy starts Friday May 26 and goes through Monday May 29th!  To find out more about A Clockwork Alchemy and Steampunk in general go to

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