Thursday, September 26, 2013

Art-is-You preview #2

Welcome everyone!
Yesterday I promised to continue my preview of some of the items that I will be selling at the Petaluma Art retreat:  Art-Is-You.
First up are my Memento Mori book cover assemblages.  These two pieces started with an antique book I found at the Alemany Flea market.  The book was literally falling apart but the covers were so beautiful I just couldn't resist the purchase.  The cover immediately reminded me of Victorian Mourning pieces or Memento Mori.  I didn't want to cover up all the beautiful tooling so I created very simple assemblages and gave them a Patina look.   Here's a close up of the lovely wreathed skull.

But wait the best is yet to come! On the back of each cover I collaged a quote and added a pocket.

In the pocket you can add a photo or prayer card.  The assemblage then becomes a commemorative piece for a loved one that has passed or just a place to stash all those prayer cards you can't stand to get rid of.

And no show would be complete with Altoid tins.  Yes I will have a large altoid tin collection with me.

I will have some old favorites:
Some totally new ideas:

And some that have a new twist on an old idea:
Come back tomorrow for my last preview before the Art trunk!  There is some good stuff yet to come.

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