Friday, July 26, 2013

In memorandum-Dynamo

I guess I am writing this in an effort to find some calm.  About an hour ago I lost my sweet little Jack Russell Terrier-Dynamo.
For the past 6 months Dyna had been battling renal failure and about a week ago she started to lose that battle.  Today at the vet she went into acute renal distress with so much pain and confusion that we had no choice but to put her to sleep.  She died in my arms.
I knew when she was first diagnosed that the end was near and I must be ready for it.  But if there is any lesson to be learned from death its that you can never be ready. Loss of those you love is always painful and must be endured because that's what it means to be human.

I want to sincerely thank Dr. Laura McKinney for having the courage and care to try a new therapy.  So many these days wouldn't even bother. By doing do Dr. Mckinney gave us an extra month to be together.

Words are indeed paltry things and I cannot adequately express just how much my heart hurts.

Sleep in peace little one.  You are much loved and will be missed.

Sleep in peace Dynamo.


Maria Ontiveros said...

Oh Connie, my heart breaks for you. I know how much you loved Dyna and what a companion in your studio and life she was.
Hugs to you,

Connie said...

Thanks Maria,

She was a sweet little dog and we miss her terribly. Wishing you all the best.

Patt with 2 T's said...

Connie, I'm so sorry about Dyna. I know how much you loved her and how much comfort she brought. It is so hard to lose a family member. I empathize with your loss and send my condolences.
Love, Patt

Connie said...

Thanks for the warm condolences Patt. We miss her.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh Connie ~ I am SO sorry to hear about your baby. I had no idea. Extra hugs next month. I finally am getting all my favorite blogs onto new computer, hence just seeing your post. Sending you lots of love. Our fur babies wiggle into our hearts and it is so hard when it is their time to go. xoxo, Lis