Saturday, July 27, 2013

ABC swap-Printers trays-First hand off

Welcome Everyone,
Its time that I update you on the Altered Books Club's latest goings on.  Because so many of the group had vacations scheduled (except myself of course) we decided that a smaller round robin project was in order.  What we came up with was pseudo printers trays by Tim Holtz.  Each cubby in the tray was just a little bit bigger than an ATC so each hand off could be completed in a much faster time frame.
My theme this time around was " Steampunk".  And I will post a picture of it when the swap is completed. 
For the first hand off I received Cindy's tray.  She chose "Vintage Calendar" and placed vintage items in the cubbies that meant something to her personally.  She requested that I take October and she really wanted skeletons. I usually try to comply with a fellow artists request if I can but this time I just couldn't make the idea of dancing skeletons work. I have to say that Cindy's project had a great deal of the "cute factor" that normally I just don't do well with.  Most people will tell you "Connie doesn't do cute"  Ask me to do grungy, aged, crusty,edgy or bloody and I'm good.  But ask me to do cute and you might as well plunge a knife in my heart. Which would make a great Halloween cubby by the way!
I just couldn't make the "cute" skeleton thing work for me.  Sorry Cindy but I tried.  So what was I to do now? Search the web of course!
My search brought up a wonderfully creepy picture of two pumpkin head children in Victorian clothing. It was perfect-creepy pumpkin children was right up my alley.  Not only that but since we are close to Half Moon Bay a pumpkin theme was totally appropriate! That's cute right?!
Now I was in business!
Cindy's one rule is that we use tiny vintage postcards to sign our name on in each cubby.  So I did this but partially covered up the postcard with a retro vintage Halloween polka dot fabric.  And so that I put something really vintage and personal to myself I added some black rick rack that my mother added to a Halloween costume of mine about a hundred years ago.  On top of the fabric I collaged my creepy Pumpkin photo.  I then created some miniatures: a witches broom, some tiny jack o'lanterns and a witches hat.  I added some dead moss and a spider there you have it!  One Halloween cubby that combined creepy for me and cute for Cindy.  You can see my finished cubby below.

And please guys no more cute.

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