Friday, May 18, 2012

The Art is not returnable!

Greetings Everyone!
Yes I know its  been awhile since I've posted but with two new classes, altered Books, The CoCa( short for the Colony of Coastside Artists) Library Exhibit to put up and then pull down, CoCa Open Studios my studio and other various and sundry things -my life  became insane. Yesterday I believed that I was on my way back to full health and consciousness when life threw me yet another unexpected curve ball.  And this is one that I would love to hear your opinion about. OK ready for this one?  Here goes;

I had graciously been allowed to place a couple of art works in a local spot.  I was surprised and pleased when I had heard that both items had been sold.  I happily collected my money which helped to banish a couple of bills that I previously had absolutely no idea how I was going to pay. Whew! disaster averted.
The owners also said that they would accept a couple more works if I would bring them in.  Yesterday I did this and three items were chosen to my delight.  I was then told that one of my previous items had been returned!-----  OK it took me a moment to process this info. Returned?!!!!   I can honestly say in all my years of making and selling art that I have never experienced this before. Naturally at first I was concerned thinking that it had fallen apart or something had fallen off this particular piece.  I scanned the entire piece and found it totally intact.  I was told that the person asked to return the piece because it didn't happen to fit where she thought it would!!!!!! What!!!  Now if that piece had some sort of problem, had fallen apart or if I had sent it through the mail and it had been damaged during shipping  I would have no problem with a return of the item. But the piece is in perfect condition.--  The person that bought this piece was actually making the fact that she purchased a piece that didn't fit where she wanted it my problem.  And the sad thing is that the owners of this local spot let her get away with this!!  Yikes!!! I'm sure that they were as incredulous as I am and just took it back in an effort to be nice.  But the real unfortunate thing is that the money that I received on this piece was part of my working capital and is gone. There is no way I can pay them back right now.
I see this as a really sad situation for all parties concerned.  For the buyers ignorance.
For the owners of the local shop-Its great to be nice but saying no can avert many disasters.
For me-I would like to reimburse the owners but now they will have to wait or resell it.
Artists out there please chime in!  have you ever experienced this?  What did you do? What do you think I should do?

***Connie's new rule for Life: My art is one-of-a-kind and not something mass marketed you can buy at Sears, J.C Penny's or Nordstroms.    My artwork is not returnable unless damaged in shipping , falls off, apart or peels . ****

Comments please!!!!


Maria Ontiveros said...

Wow! I can't believe that the store owner took it back without consulting you first. I have purchased art from a gallery in town where the gallery owner told me that I could take the art home and try it out first and (if I didn't like it) I could bring it back within a day or two. But that was an understanding that we had up front. I think (in my case) the gallery owner knew I wouldn't purchase the piece otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Wow ~ super wow. Ive never heard of this happening. The buyer should have known better. Art is, in my mind, a non refundable purchase.
Sorry this happened. I guess moving on you need to specify that sales are final. Hugs, Lis