Monday, February 27, 2012

What's in the wall

Greetings Everyone,

Look at what was found in the wall this weekend!  This beautiful piece was found by Maureen after peeling back layer after layer of old wallpaper and plaster and lathe  It  reads:"You cannot conceal love".  Frankly it doesn't look like this mermaid woman conceals anything much does it!  But someone did.  Maureen found that this sentiment and accompanying image was very important to someone. So much so that  it was lovingly sourrounded with pearls, beads,jewels and even a few shells. Beautiful isn't it?
Wondering what you might find in the wall?
If so you can join me on Sunday March 4th.  I still have a couple of spots left in class so hurry and sign up before they are all gone!

Sunday March 4th
Class: In the Wall-Part 1 Collage
Description: You are replacing the very old, very stained wallpaper in a room in your newly purchased 200 year old home.  As you peel off layer after layer of old wallpaper you are surprised to find something else….

In this class we will be creating a multilayered collage using embossed papers, old wallpapers, and corrugated cardboard and collage images.  We will then apply texture mediums and paint to give the piece a weathered aged look.
Items to bring: 3 to 5 collage related collage images, paintbrushes and scissors.  You may also bring any found objects you might want to include on your piece.

Time: 10:00 to 4:00
Fee: $60.00
Max 5 students

C.Andrews studio is located at 103-1 Harvard st., Princeton by the Sea. If you have any questions about the upcoming classes please email me at

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