Sunday, December 4, 2011

Texture in a Big Way

Greetings Everyone!

With a successful Open Studio and participation in a very wonderful Farallone View Holiday Bazaar behind me, I can now focus on my very first weekend workshop: Texture in a Big Way. 

The students in this class are going to work on three goals
To create a much larger piece of art than they might normally create. The piece must be 11 x 14 or larger.
To combine two or more textures with a collage image.
To practice using texture and color to imbue emotion and a sense of the artist's personal history with the image selected.

I love to work with texture. But it can be tricky combining more than one especially when you add a collage image as well.  In the piece above you can find crackle paste, coarse pumice and fine pumice gels surrounding the collage image.  I use texture as an alternative to adding alot of layers or found objects to collage. However just because I have added complicated texture doesn't mean that I can't add found objects as well. In fact found objects are a very tactile way to impart emotion and experience into your collage and luckily many of the modern texture mediums are sturdy enough to embed your found objects directly into the texture.  Again if you click on the picture above and magnify it you may see that I've added a few rusty items from the place that I originally took this picture.  Below you can see another large collage in my tree series.

If you are interested in this class I still have a couple of spots left.  Here are the particulars about this class:

Saturday December 10th and Sunday December 11th ++++++Weekend Workshop+++++

Instructor: Connie Andrews
Class: Texture in a Big Way
Description: In this advanced class we will have two objectives:
To combine at least two textures.
To combine texture and collage on a surface no smaller than 11 x 14.
Note this is a 2 day workshop. If you choose to combine more than two textures or to use crackle paste a third day may be needed. This can be scheduled separately at a time of your choosing provided that the studio is available.
This workshop is only for advanced collage artists that have had experience using texture mediums. Class size will be kept to a minimum so that we can work through any problems or questions on a one in one basis.
Items to bring: Please bring a stretched canvas, canvas board or other rigid substrate that is 11 x 14 or larger, scissors, paintbrushes and a large image of your choice. I will bring all other supplies. Please note that if you intend to use crackle paste you must bring either canvas board or another rigid surface a stretched canvas will not do. You may also bring a second large surface if you would like to start another collage while the texture mediums are drying.
Time: 10:00 to 4:00pm both days: there will be a one hour lunch break at 12:30 both days. Please bring a lunch.
Fee: $100.00 for two or three sessions.
Class size: 4 people max.
To sign up for this class please email me at

My studio is located at 103-1 Harvard in Princeton by the Sea.

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