Thursday, December 15, 2011

Results for Texture in a Big Way

Greetings Everyone!

My last class for the year was this past weekend and I am on cloud nine.  It was my first weekend workshop called Texture in a Big Way .  It was a small class but a mighty one.  The pieces created were so beautiful that I had to blog about them.  You can see one of the finished pieces above.  It was created using the artists own photo from Paris and several different texture mediums. This artist usually creates in vivid colors so using such a sedate palette was a definite departure from her norm.  But I am sure that you will all agree that the results are stunning. You can see a 3 step process below by the same artist.

The finished Product

And here is second series of in progress pics by another artist in the class :

Please note that this piece is still in progress and I will try to post the finished product at a later date.

Both of these students had expressed to me at the beginning of the weekend that they didn't feel like real artists. That they had never created any work that felt truly original. If this was true I do not believe it is true now.  I think that the works above are stunning and very original to the individual artists. From the rough ancient winged Nike at the top of the page to the more graphic Toulouse Latrec poster feel to the serene nature inspired Tree of Ages piece at the bottom. These "students" did not merely follow my instruction. They have reached much deeper inside their hearts, minds and souls. This was my real purpose in designing this class.  I read emotion in each of these pieces like I am reading a book. Yet each artist has still allowed me to interpret each piece in my own fashion and draw my own conclusion as to their meanings.  Isn't this the very essence of what an artist does?
What should these "students" call themselves but Artists?

I want to thank these artists for taking my workshop and allowing me to be part of their artistic achievement. 

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Anonymous said...

Hi Connie,
Love, adore, and dream about the next class you will teach. THANK you for being such wonderful, inspiring teacher. I enjoy every moment. Xoxo, Lis