Monday, October 12, 2009

The World In a Matchbox

Greetings everyone! I had a great class this Saturday. We made sugar skulls! And no there was no real sugar on the skulls! It was all done with Vintage Glass Glitter. Unfortunately I did not get any photos since they just don't photograph well. Or more like I don't photograph them well. But I assure you all the students made incredible one of a kind art pieces. They were all just beautiful.
This Saturday I am teaching "A World in a Matchbox" at Art Max in Seaside California. Here are all the particulars: Saturday October 17th Where: ArtMax in Seaside Class: A World in a Matchbox Description: Have you ever dreamed of finding a secret door, opening it and stepping into another world? Did you know that you can find this world in a matchbox? In this project based class we will utilize everyday matchboxes, paper towels, collage and assemblage to create our own worlds. Matchbox worlds make very personal and special gifts to give for any occasion. Instead of sending your loved ones a card, send them the world! Items to bring: Any personal images or items that you might like to use that are small enough to fit into a matchbox. I will have plenty of little items with me as well. Scissors and small paintbrushes. All other materials supplied Time: 11:00 to 2:30 Fee: $40.00 If you wish to sign up for this class please email me at
Please see my samples above.

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