Saturday, January 14, 2017

Calacas go to the Edwardian Ball!

Hello Everyone!
Only seven days away from the Edwardian Ball now.  Here's another preview of my newest creations.  Since taking Michael DeMengs wonderful Skullduggery class I have been obsessed with creating  Calacas.These Mexican skeleton figurines fit right into my Memento Mori theme so I've decided to make a few in my own style.  Thank you Mister DeMeng!  Above you can see my favorite piece: My Steampunk Princess.
Awww look at these two soul mates.

Forever and ever and ever.......

One on each shoulder

Yep its true love

All these little people will be with me at The Edwardian Ball.  Come and make some new friends!
The Edwardian Ball:  Regency Ballroom in San Francisco Jan 20th and 21st.

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