Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Gathering of Women Artists

Welcome everyone!  Here's a small preview of some of my latest creations being offered for sale at the Gathering of Women Artists.
Assemblage: Mother's Love

Textural Collage: Madonna of the Flowers

Mini Altered Board Books

Antique book cover assemblages

A few vintage ornaments to celebrate Mothers Day

Hey it wouldn't be my art without a skeleton or two!


Kelline said...

You're truly a gifted artist. That first piece, "A Mother's Love" is nothing short of remarkable. Beautifully assembled, colorful, classic, yet has modern nuance. I would own a piece like that in a New York minute if I was a collector or had the money to make that one time purchase. Beautiful, truly beautiful!!! I feel blessed to have seen it.

Connie said...

thank you so much for your complements about "Mothers Love".
That piece was inspired by the little picture of Mother and Child that I purchased at a Flea Market nearby. And I am blessed as an artist that you like my work.
Thank you again,