Friday, September 14, 2012

Art Abandonment

Welcome everyone!
I just abandoned my first two pieces of art!   Yes I know this makes me a bad mother but it was strangely satisfying.
So what is Art Abandonment?  That's simple: you create a little work of art and leave it in a random place as a gift for whoever might pick it up. I left a little note inside the package with an explanation and my email address so that if so inclined the recipient might email me the fate of the poor little abandoned piece of art.  To read more about this please read Michael DeMengs blog at
Why am I doing this?  That's a little more complicated.  Since I started trying in vain it seems to at least eat from my creations I've felt the press of survival mode kicking in.  In other words: I have to look at every piece I create as if it already has a price tag on it. I feel serious and "clenched". Every piece has to be a masterpiece since I have to sell to eat. I create art that I know will sell instead of experimenting with new ideas and techniques. By abandoning a little work of art I feel I am acknowledging what I know to be true: that not everything you create will be a masterpiece-nor should it. By abandoning a piece of art I am forcing myself to release it without the price tag that makes me feel serious and clenched.  This in turn reminds me that without experimentation
I am less creative and that means stagnation and ultimately the death of my own artistic life.

Abandoning one of my babies is also a way of giving back a little.  All along my struggle for the past three years, many people have given me gifts that have helped me to survive depression and doubt: a gift of candy for Christmas, a little tin box filled with art stuff, a bag of apples,cookies or the gift of support and friendship. These are priceless things to me.  By abandoning a work of art maybe I can reach out to someone else in need in the only way I can right now.
What did I abandon and where? You can see one of them above. Yes this is a check-it Domino pendant.  I left it at an appropriately sunny cafe in Montara California. The second piece you can see  below:
This little matchbox shrine was left at the Pt. Montara Lighthouse.  Abandoning this piece was difficult because I forced myself to leave it outside. There's that masterpiece, serious thing again.
I must have walked around the place for an hour before I found a spot that I could force myself to leave it. I am hoping the next time will be easier.   And no I won't tell you where!  If you want it go find it.  Hint:it is in a semi sheltered woody spot out doors.
How do you start abandoning your art? Either just do it or you can go to Mr. Demeng's blog above and watch his video.  From there you can join the facebook group Art Abandonment and give the gift of a little art. And remember to have fun!


Maria Ontiveros said...

I"m tempted to go look, but I figure I should leave them for someone else to find.

Connie said...

Hey if you want it go for it!