Friday, March 23, 2012

Yikes! Look at what's looking back at me In The Wall!

Greetings Everyone!

"As I carefully pulled away layer after layer of aged and cracking wall paper I had  revealed  a hole deep in the wall.  But wait that hole was filled !  Someone was looking at me from deep in the wall.  I spoke to this person but got no response.  I then noticed that this eye was the color and shape of my own. It blinked when I did. Could it be possible that somehow I was actually observing myself ?....

 Yes- C.Andrews studio will be debuting a new weekend workshop. This class is called In the Wall part two.  This time around we will take the techniques learned in In the Wall part One(collage) and apply them to an assemblage. This is a totally separate piece of art. The collage from in the wall will not be used in the assemblage.  
Here are the class details:

Saturday March 31st/ Sunday April 1st
Class: In the Wall part 2 –Assemblage
Description:  You are replacing the very old, very stained wallpaper in a room in your newly purchased 200 you old home.  As you peel off layer after layer of old wallpaper you find a deep hole in the wall.  As you peer through the hole you are surprised to find…

In this cigar box assemblage class we will apply the techniques from In the Wall part one to create a one of a kind 3-D assemblage.  What will you find in the wall?
Items to bring: scissors, paintbrushes, a special found object(s), item(s) or image to place in your wall.
Time: 10:00 to 4:00pm both days. Please bring a lunch if you want as there will be a lunch break at about 1:00.
Fee: $120.00 both days
Max 4 students
If you wish to sign up for this class please email me at

Can’t come March 31st/April 1st?  Never fear This class will be offered again on:
Saturday April 21st / Sunday April 22nd
Class: In the Wall part two-Assemblage
Description: see above
Time: 10:00 to 4:00 both days
Fee: $120.00 both days
Max 4 students
If you wish to sign up for this class please email me at

C.Andrews studio is located at 103-1 Harvard st, Princeton by the Sea. Please email me if you need directions.
I hope to see you on my side of the wall!

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