Monday, October 24, 2011

Trying to get back on track

Greetings everyone!

Vincent Van Skull and I are here to announce that I am once again bloggable.  Unfortunately I have joined the very large homeless club in the state of California. Be that as it may I am safely installed in my new rented digs about 5 miles up the road in Montara. I have finally broken through the surface after at least 4 months underwater doing the whole cleaning the house, showing the house, packing the house, and then moving the house thing. It was so totally life consuming  that now I am fighting to find my focus again and continue my art.

The current community that I'm living in is little more eclectic, a little colder and much foggier than the previous one.  Here are some views from my morning rambles around the area:


Crows in the fog.

Large Banana Slugs.

wonderful garden gates.

real fall leaves.

Cool Mossy trees

I forgot what it was like to have to move out of a place in which I was comfortable and happy. Its strange-but I feel disoriented, depressed and dispossessed.  I've been told that I have been very lucky to have found a nice if smaller place to live. Intellectually I know this is true.  My landlord is wonderful, the people around me are nice, its a beautiful area full of intriguing homes and Alpacas.  But this doesn't feel like luck. It feels like an essential part of me has been stolen  and now there is a huge void. No what is truely lucky for me is that I can fill that void with my art.  It is Art that I know will bring me focus again.  It is my art that will pull me out of my present depression and through any tough times ahead.

I will never forget that for me ART = Survival.

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