Friday, May 6, 2011

Mermaids under Glass

Greetings everyone!
I am announcing my new assemblage class: Mermaids under Glass.  This class debuts next Saturday at
Art Max in Seaside California.  I will also present this as a two part class so that everyone can see a finished
piece of art.
Our Mermaids will start with a small vintage metallic tray or bowl for a base.

 In the center will be our mermaid collage image covered with a large vintage pocket watch crystal.

 Next we will learn some shell work reminiscent of the work done in a Victorian Sailors valentine.

Lastly we will pull our assemblage together with acrylic paint and add perhaps a word or a line of poetry to add to the mystery of our mermaid.

This class will be open to all students beginner and advanced alike and will focus on the logistics and methods of creating a true found object assemblage. We will be adding wire on the back to server as hangers so that when finished you can immediately hang your Mermaid on the Wall.

This is only the first sample I will be posting so stay tuned for more assemblage to come!

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