Thursday, October 14, 2010

Past and future classes

Greetings Everyone! Only two days to go until the weekend and that means its time once again for Pumpkin Festival here on the coast. I love everything Pumpkin, Halloween and Ghosts. By the way Ghosthunters was terrible last night. That's some of the worst editing I've seen in years. But I digress. Anyway even though this is one of my favorite times of the year it does get a bit crowded here on the coast for the weekend. So Saturday I will be out of town teaching a class that I've neglected for awhile in my rush to explore everything Art. That is of course my Pocket Altoid Shrines class. You know I'd forgotten what a load of fun creating these little shrines are. You can see the lid of my latest finished shrine above. Sweet flowers you say? But wait it gets better!
Yes its drowning Ophelia admist the sweet flowers! And lets not forget the skull. Come on guys eveyone loves a good skull !
And the back cover. And you thought that I was going to present you with some sickly sweet flowery bit of goodness. Oh ye of little faith.
Anyway now that I've hopefully gotten your attention, here are the details of my class on Saturday.
Saturday October 16th Where: Scrap-it in Santa Cruz Class: Pocket Shrines Description: Ever want to keep someone or something special close to your heart? How about that small very precious gift? Does it need a special place all its own? How about creating shrines to hold these special memories or gifts? In this class using collage and assemblage we will create these special places inside altoid tins. Your shrine can then be slipped into a pocket or purse to keep close to you at all times. Or it can be placed on a shelf as a special keepsake. Pocket Shrines also make great gifts to give to a loved one. Items to bring: Scissors, Paintbrushes, any special items small enough to fit into an Altoid tin. Time: 11:00 to 2:30 Fee: $45.00 Class limit: 6 To sign up for class please call Scrap-it at 831 475-2380 or email me at
I also wanted to show you this wonderful spirit that was created last weekend during my class at Scrapbook U. Isn't this great? I love the colors and the use of the mesh and fiber at the top to present a totally different texture from the rest of the bottle.
Now that's one bottle I would never open!
Last weekend was my last class at Scrapbook U in Fremont. After almost 9 years Monica Martinek is finally closing her doors. This is very sad for all of us. We are losing a wonderful store filled with the best and latest items. But I want to give a great big thank you and hug to Monica and her staff for allowing me to teach in her wonderful space. She certainly did not have to allow this wierd Mixed Media Artist in her store but she did graciously and welcomed my classes in with open arms and open mind. And that can be a very rare commodity at times. I truly want to thank Monica and her entire staff for the opportunity. I'm going to miss you all.

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