Sunday, September 26, 2010

Bottled Spirits from some Kindred Spirits

Greetings Everyone! Well it was one of those incredibly beautiful weekends here on the coast. But it was even more beautiful to me becasue I was teaching art to another room full of Kindred Spirits at C.Andrews Studio. This was my second Bottled Spirits class and as you can see above there were some wondeful pieces created. Everyone of them was so totally different from the next! Here are some close up scans of each bottle.
This was Maria's Spirit. Sorry for the glare on this piece. I love that Maria used colors that she doesn't use alot and I think that helps to make this spirit a slightly knowing but Kindly one. This is a spirit that would kindly grant you a wish or two.
This Spirit was created by Maria's daughter Clara. Isn't she beautiful? She's slightly pouty and introspective. Just what you'd expect from an adolescent!
This was Cindy's bottle. She has infused this bottle with a little Team Edward. He's looking dreamy as usual! But whatever you do Cindy don't let him out-we don't want to tempt him with our blood.
This little spirit was created by Maureen. I had to show you this spirits face close up. Maureen thinks she's sweet. I think she's up to something. And something not entirely nice. Be careful what you wish with this one!
Cheers everyone!

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