Friday, June 18, 2010

At this studio this weekend!

Greetings gang, What's going on at the studio this weekend? Well here are the details: Unfortunately Julee Hermann's House Shaped Pretties class has been cancelled. We hope to see Julie next month teaching a new journal making class.
I have offered to declare Saturday an open studio day. If you are interested in working at the studio for a mere $10.00 on Saturday please email me by tonight. I will unlock the studio door before I head out of town tomorrow. So what is open studio? This is a time when anyone can come in and use the studio at their leisure for whatever project they are working on. I think of this space as a place to gather and meet kindred spirits. To trade ideas and inspire each other. I hope you make good use of this rare opportunity. Instructions: Just put your money in the little yellow envelope , write your name on the envelope and put the envelope in the box. Then have fun and create Rules ****IMPORTANT-PLEASE READ****** Please remember that part of Princeton is residential and be courteous to the residents. Please do not park in their driveways. I have one parking space allotted to me (on the side right next to the entrance) and If I’m not there you are welcomed to use it. There should be plenty of parking along the streets, in front of the building and there is a small parking lot in back of the building. Also Please keep your voices down after 8:00pm as we have a neighbor living upstairs. Please clean up after yourselves when you are done. And last of all come back and use the space again! Dogs I wish I could open the space up to dogs as well. Unfortunately with the stringent health codes Elegant Cheesecakes has to observe I cannot do it. However If you want to tie the dogs up outside the studio with a bed and a bowl of water I don’t think that would be a problem. I wouldn’t leave the dogs to roam free as many times I’ve seen people racing through the streets to get to Mavericks in their cars. This would probably result in a dog being hit by a car which of course would be tragic. Any questions? Please email me at On Sunday Maria Ontiveros will be teaching the second part of her awsome journaling class. Here are the details: Sunday June 13th, 20th and 27th Instructor: Maria Ontiveros Class: Art Journaling 1- parts 1-3 Description - This three week class, held on Sunday mornings, will give you the tools you need to get started creating an art journal as an art diary and to continue your journaling after class ends. Time: 9:30 am to 1:00pm Fee: $75.00 + $25.00 materials fee which covers a fifty page artist book filled with handmade paper, a daily journal, and 3 pens appropriate for art journaling. Materials to bring: Please bring gesso, scissors, a wet adhesive (glue, gel medium, etc.) and an assortment of paint brushes and acrylic paints. If you like, you can also bring an assortment of images and a heat tool. Additional info: Complete instructional materials and additional studio time will be available if you have to miss a class. Class Limit: 6 participants. To sign up for this class please email Maria Ontiveros at also you can check out Maria’s blog at
I hope to see you soon!

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